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use show selector component in show manager to fix #28

parent a290e85d
The show picker including the modal to add new shows should also be
refactored into an own component, so we can reuse it in the file and
emission managers
<addShowModal ref="addShowModal" />
<h3>Sendungen verwalten</h3>
<b-col align="right">
v-if="$parent.user.steeringUser.is_superuser""'Add a new show'"
text="Sendereihe auswählen"
v-for="(show, index) in shows"
{{ }}
title="Radio shows"
<!-- The jumbotron is used to display the name and description of the
......@@ -79,20 +48,20 @@ import showMetaSimpleTypes from './shows/MetaSimpleTypes.vue'
import showMetaArrays from './shows/MetaArrays.vue'
import showMetaOwners from './shows/MetaOwners.vue'
import showMetaImages from './shows/MetaImages.vue'
import modalAddShow from './shows/AddShowModal.vue'
import showSelector from './ShowSelector.vue'
import { mapGetters } from 'vuex'
export default {
// all modals to edit a show and its timeslots/notes, are importet as separate
// components, to make it a tiny lickle bit less messy here
components: {
'addShowModal': modalAddShow,
'show-jumbotron': showJumbotron,
'show-timeslots': showTimeslots,
'show-metaArrays': showMetaArrays,
'show-metaSimpleTypes': showMetaSimpleTypes,
'show-metaOwners': showMetaOwners,
'show-metaImages': showMetaImages,
'show-selector': showSelector,
data () {
......@@ -124,6 +93,7 @@ export default {
this.$store.dispatch('shows/fetchShows', {
callback: () => {
this.$store.dispatch('playlists/fetch', {slug: this.selectedShow.slug})
this.$store.dispatch('shows/fetchMetaArray', {property: 'types', onlyActive: true})
......@@ -137,8 +107,7 @@ export default {
methods: {
switchShow: function (index) {
this.$store.commit('shows/switchShow', index)
showHasSwitched () {
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