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Extended Readme on how to install and start.

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......@@ -58,11 +58,14 @@ It is tested and coded on Debian Stretch and Ubuntu 18.0 with Python 3.6+.
git clone
**Install System Packages:**
**Install System Libraries:**
Aura Engine requires at least Node 13 and Python 3.7.
sudo apt install \
git \
python3.7 python3.7-pip python3.7-dev \
redis-server \
libsndfile1 ffmpeg \
......@@ -73,10 +76,10 @@ sudo apt install \
**Install Python Packages:**
**Install Engine Packages:**
sudo ./
**Setup Database:**
......@@ -107,21 +110,33 @@ Read more about detailed settings in the [Configuration Guide](docs/configuratio
## Start the Engine
To start the AuRa Engine execute:
**Development:** While developing there is a simple convencience script ``
to get you started. Call the engine's components in following order:
./ # Starts the engine-core component
./ lqs # Starts the engine-liquidsoap component
./ api # Starts the engine-api component
**Production:** In production the process is slightly different to ensure the
engine's components are always running i.e. restart themselves after some system
restart or crash. Therefore they are executed using a system service:
systemctl start aura-lqs
systemctl start aura-engine
systemctl start aura-lqs
systemctl start aura-api
and on system boot run following:
systemctl enable aura-lqs
systemctl enable aura-engine
systemctl enable aura-lqs
The first service starts the LiquidSoap Engine, while the latter boots the actual AuRa Engine.
## Logging
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