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# Aura Engine
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......@@ -167,6 +168,20 @@ and on system boot run following:
For production Engine API uses the WSGI HTTP Server [`Gunicorn`](
In production Gunicorn is used in combination with some proxy server, such as Nginx.
From the Gunicorn [documentation](
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**Use Nginx as your Gunicorn proxy**
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<div class="panel-body">
Although there are many HTTP proxies available, we strongly advise that you use Nginx. If you choose another proxy server you need to make sure that it buffers slow clients when you use default Gunicorn workers. Without this buffering Gunicorn will be easily susceptible to denial-of-service attacks. You can use Hey to check if your proxy is behaving properly.
[`Supervisor`]( is a preferable solution to run the gunicorn server
in the background and also start it automatically on reboot.
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