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## AMRO Infrastructure Sheet: BigBlueButton!
Different formats of AMRO20 will run on the web conferencing software BigBlueButton.
BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system. It is based on GNU/Linux operating system and runs on Ubuntu 16.04. More info [here]( and [here](
In this document you find some instruction for conference audience, speakers, moderators; plus workshop holders and workshop participants.
For question write at amro *at* servus *dot* at
Be it a Lightning Talk, a Panel, a Lecture or a Conversation, the ways or participating will be similar.
### Audience:
You have a simple, but very important role.
Due to infrastructure limitation, BigBlueButton room will be open for festival participants. \
They will receive invitation link to the conference through the participant mailing list.
If you want to know more how this works for viewers: <>
##### **General room settings:**
* You will enter the room with **muted microphone** (you can unmute yourself if needed)
* your camera will be **blocked** (you cannot block it unless a moderator allows you so)\
In this way the try to keep the visual focus on the speakers.
After presentations we will have time for questions (will be gathered in the public chat and on twitter #amro20)
General audience can watch the stream on [dorftv]( and ask questions by posting on twitter with #amro20
### Speakers / Panelists
You have a difficult job, but we will do it together. Is easier than it seems.
##### Prepare your studio
Suggestions: consider using an external microphone and camera, headphones, and lots of LIGHT!
If you need some more technical infos, here some tips from our cousins of the CCC. \
Please consider only the "Audio Video quality" part, as the software used is different <>
##### Preparation
We will meet in the room some time before the beginning of the streaming, to check microphone levels, slides functioning and camera quality. Time will be communicated shortly beforehand.
##### **Slide uploading**
You will have to upload your files in the BBB Room - it can take a while and it has to happen when the room is running, right before the session.
Due to upload / download issues, make sure your slides have scaled images. Currently we have 50MB maximum file size.
We could upload following formats:
* .odp ([OpenDocument Presentation]( -> works great!
* .pdf
* single images: .png .jpg (.gif does not work, sadly)
* \* coff cooff .pptx coff
Nevertheless: BBB can embed external videos quite good, such as from VImeo or Twitch. Please upload your videos there and be ready with the links.
Note: screensharing is NOT an option for showing video content (has only 5 fps upload from your machine).
##### **Presentation moment**
* Your video will be "unblocked" from the technical moderators of the session. The content moderation is not necessarily the same person, but it could be.
* Keep the microphone muted if you are not talking.
* To control the presentation tools (slides, screensharing, video embedding), the person who is presenting will have to take or be given the role of "Presenter". To become the presenter, the command is in the blue button "+" in the low left corner of your screen and then select "take presenter".
* To select your presentation, click on "+" and "Upload presentation" - even if is already uploaded!
* To share your screen, the button is in the center (close to microphone and camera controls).
### Talk Moderators / Workshop holders
brief introduction video: <>
##### Before starting the room
Check the settings of the room
1. Mute users when they join is better ON.
2. for workshops: share the room link with the participants
3. check if there is an access code (update it / remove it if needed).
4. start the room.
##### After the room has started
1. Go in user settings (left side, setting wheel above the participant list)
2. Change the setting for "lock viewers" (ex. Share camera -> LOCKED).
3. Unlock the panelists
1. check their audio/video signal
2. make them presenter and let them upload their presentations.
In this way:
1. all new visitor-users will enter muted and with no camera, not disturbing the existing conversation.
2. only panelists are unlocked and visible.
3. if some user forget to re-mute themselves after a question, you can mute them quickly.
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