1. 17 Feb, 2022 13 commits
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    • Lars Kruse's avatar
      fix(database): use the request-based database sessions provided by flask-sqlalchemy · a8934514
      Lars Kruse authored
      Currently the database session is created during application startup and
      is used in all threads.  This is problematic, since the session is not
      Now we use the request-based database session provided by
      flask-sqlachemy instead.
      But this does not really solve the problem of using the same session in
      different threads, since the threads are started within a request.
    • Lars Kruse's avatar
      Revert "refactor: use short-lived sessions when accessing the database" · 0a675430
      Lars Kruse authored
      The introduction of short-lived sessions caused issues with functions,
      which return database objects.  Such objects are not accessible (due to
      lazy loading), after the session is closed.
      Instead we should either move the session scope the respective callers
      or use a request-based session handling (e.g. the one provided by
      This reverts commit 0b594e50 and 70ffd1a0.
      See: #93
  9. 21 Jan, 2022 3 commits