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LQS annotation util, color formatters.

parent 746649c4
......@@ -73,6 +73,22 @@ class EngineUtil:
# return Channel.LIVE_4
def lqs_annotate_cuein(uri, cue_in):
Wraps the given URI with a Liquidsoap Cue In annotation.
uri (String): The path to the audio source
cue_in (Float): The value in seconds wher the cue in should start
(String): The annotated URI
if cue_in > 0.0:
uri = "annotate:liq_cue_in=\"%s\":%s" % (str(cue_in), uri)
return uri
class SimpleUtil:
......@@ -126,6 +142,23 @@ class SimpleUtil:
return result
def red(text):
Creates a red version of the given text.
return TerminalColors.Red + text + TerminalColors.ENDC
def pink(text):
Creates a red version of the given text.
return TerminalColors.PINK.value + text + TerminalColors.ENDC.value
class TerminalColors(Enum):
Colors for formatting terminal output.
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