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Added "Autonomous playout" to the docs.

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......@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@ In conjuction with other AURA components Engine provides several features:
- **Scheduler** to automatically broadcast your radio programme (see [AURA Dashboard]( for an user interface to do scheduling)
- **Analog input and outputs** provided by [Engine Core](
- **Streaming to an [Icecast]( Server including [Icy Metadata](** provided by [Engine Core](
- **Autonomous playout** by caching the schedule information pulled from [Steering]( in a local database. This allows Engine be keep running, independently from any network or service outages. This enables the application of (*High Availability* infrastructure scenarios)[].
- **Auto DJ with Silcence Detector** provided by [Engine Core](
- **Web Application for a Track Service** (see [AURA Player](
- **Web Application providing a Studio Clock** (see [Engine Clock](
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