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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ the requirements of community radios.
- **Multichannel Line-out**
- **Silence Detector** to avoid *Dead Air*
- **Auto DJ** which plays random music when silence is detected
- **ReplayGain** normalization done using passed [ReplayGain]( meta data
- **API** to query Track-Service, monthly reports and information for displaying the Studio Clock (see [Engine API](
- **Web Application for a Track Service** (see [AURA Player](
- **Web Application providing a Studio Clock** (see [Engine Clock](
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ This page gives a more detailed overview of the Aura Engine features and how to
- [Default Playlists](#default-playlists)
- [Auto DJ](#auto-dj)
- [Silence Detector](#silence-detector)
- [ReplayGain and LoudNorm Normalization](#replaygain-and-loudnorm-normalization)
- [Monitoring](#monitoring)
- [Send mails on errors and warnings](#send-mails-on-errors-and-warnings)
- [Engine Health Information via Engine API](#engine-health-information-via-engine-api)
......@@ -182,6 +183,13 @@ channel.
> Note, all these fallback source are fully integrated with the Engine's playlog and track-service
feature including indications from which fallback level some audio is broadcasted.
## ReplayGain and LoudNorm Normalization
If the played media files contain [ReplayGain]( meta information,
then such audio is automatically normalized accordingly. Note, if you are using Engine in conjunction with
[AURA Tank]( then also a [LoudNorm](
normalization step is applied. In that case files are re-encoded by Tank itself.
## Monitoring
You have following options to monitor the Engine:
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