Commit 19e9ce70 authored by Lars Kruse's avatar Lars Kruse
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build: add target for spelling checks

parent ab9998f6
# Track aus der secondary_queue oder der Playlist entfernen
# Das oder die ID(s) der gerade abgespielten requests erhalten
# @return: Die Antwort des Liquidsoap-Servers (als String)
SPELLING_PATHS = $(wildcard *.md) docs src
SPELLING_EXCLUDE_FILE = .codespell-excludes
.PHONY: help
@echo "Supported targets:"
@echo " lint - verify code style"
@echo " spelling - check spelling of text"
@echo " style - apply automatic formatting"
......@@ -11,6 +16,10 @@ lint:
python3 -m flake8 .
.PHONY: spelling
codespell --exclude-file "$(SPELLING_EXCLUDE_FILE)" $(SPELLING_PATHS)
.PHONY: style
black .
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