Commit 13ca2e9e authored by David Trattnig's avatar David Trattnig
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Updated step descriptions; rm logs. #72

parent 239996ab
......@@ -31,30 +31,23 @@ bash scripts/
echo "Installing Python Requirements ..."
$PYTHON_EXEC $(which pip3) install -r requirements.txt
echo "Create local 'logs' Folder ..."
mkdir -p logs
# Development
if [ $mode == "dev" ]; then
echo "Create local 'logs' Folder ..."
mkdir -p logs
echo "Copy configuration to './config/engine.ini'"
cp -n config/sample-development.engine.ini config/engine.ini
# Production
if [ $mode == "prod" ]; then
echo "Create local 'tmp' Folder ..."
mkdir -p tmp
echo "Copy default Engine configuration to '/etc/aura/engine.ini'"
cp -n config/sample-production.engine.ini /etc/aura/engine.ini
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