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Tokenize texts

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import requests
import csv
import time
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import datetime
import os
from os import walk
from datetime import timedelta, date
import io
from pdf_to_txt import convert_pdf_to_txt
boe_url = ''
boe_api_sumario = boe_url + '/diario_boe/xml.php?id=BOE-S-'
today_year ="%Y")
today_month ="%m")
today_day ="%d")
print("Today is " + today_year + today_month + today_day)
def daterange(start, end):
for n in range(int((end - start).days)):
yield start + timedelta(n)
years_from = [str(i) for i in range(2019, int(today_year))]
months_from = ["%.2d" % i for i in range(1, int(today_month))]
days_from = ["%.2d" % i for i in range(1, int(today_day))]
start_date = date(2020, 1, 25)
end_date = date(2020, 5, 28)
print(f"Searching from: {start_date}, to: {end_date}")
boe_url = ''
boe_api_sumario = boe_url + '/diario_borme/xml.php?id=BORME-S-'
downloads_folder = "./downloaded_files"
if not os.path.exists(downloads_folder):
summaries_folder = "/summaries"
summaries_folder = downloads_folder + "/summaries"
if not os.path.exists(summaries_folder):
pdfs_folder = "/pdfs"
if not os.path.exists(pdfs_folder):
texts_folder = downloads_folder + "/texts"
if not os.path.exists(texts_folder):
def get_file_by_url(url):
print("Getting " + url)
summary = requests.get(url)
file = requests.get(url)
print("Got it!")
return summary
for year in years_from:
for month in months_from:
for day in days_from:
summary_filepath = downloads_folder + summaries_folder + "/summary-" + year + month + day + ".xml"
if os.path.exists(summary_filepath):
print("Creating summary file " + summary_filepath)
f = open(summary_filepath, "w+")
summary_content = get_file_by_url(boe_api_sumario + year + month + day).text
for (dirpath, dirnames, filenames) in walk(downloads_folder + summaries_folder):
return file
for single_date in daterange(start_date, end_date):
date = single_date.strftime("%Y%m%d")
summary_filepath = summaries_folder + "/summary-" + date + ".xml"
if os.path.exists(summary_filepath):
print(f"Already gotten {summary_filepath}")
print("Starting to get: " + date)
summary_content = get_file_by_url(boe_api_sumario + date).text
if len(summary_content):
print(f"Creating summary file {summary_filepath}")
f = open(summary_filepath, "w+")
for (dirpath, dirnames, filenames) in walk(summaries_folder):
for filename in filenames:
filepath = downloads_folder + summaries_folder + "/" + filename
filepath = summaries_folder + "/" + filename
print("opening " + filepath)
summary = open(filepath, "r")
parsed_summary = BeautifulSoup(summary, 'xml')
error = parsed_summary.find("error")
if error:
print("File has error", error.contents)
summary_pdfs_tags = parsed_summary.find_all("urlPdf")
for tag in summary_pdfs_tags:
pdf_filepath = downloads_folder + pdfs_folder + tag.text[len("/pdfs/boe/dias/2019/01/01"): ]
if os.path.exists(summary_filepath):
print("Creating pdf file " + pdf_filepath)
f = open(pdf_filepath, "wb")
pdf = get_file_by_url(boe_url + tag.text).content
file_date = filename.replace("summary-", "").replace(".xml", "")
txt_name = tag.text[len("/txts/boe/dias/01/01/01/01"):].replace(".pdf", ".txt")
txt_filepath = f"{texts_folder}/{file_date}-{txt_name}"
if os.path.exists(txt_filepath):
print(f"Already gotten {txt_filepath}")
txt = get_file_by_url(boe_url + tag.text).content
if not len(txt):
print(f"Nothing found {boe_url + tag.text}")
print("Creating txt file " + txt_filepath)
with, "w", encoding="utf-8") as f:
text = convert_pdf_to_txt(io.BytesIO(txt))
print("Finished downloading files")
import os
import spacy
import io
from import Spanish
import textacy
from textacy.vsm import Vectorizer
from textacy import preprocessing
pdfs_folder_path = "./downloaded_files/texts"
spacy_stopwords =
nlp = Spanish()
def clean_text(txt):
clean = preprocessing.replace_urls(preprocessing.normalize_whitespace(preprocessing.remove_punctuation(txt)))
clean = [tok for tok in clean.split(" ") if tok not in spacy_stopwords or len(tok) > 2]
return " ".join(clean)
docs = []
for (dirpath, dirnames, filenames) in os.walk(pdfs_folder_path):
for filename in filenames:
print(f"Opening {filename}")
file ="{pdfs_folder_path}/{filename}", encoding="utf-8")
text = "".join(line.rstrip('\n') for line in file)
print("Cleaning text")
preprocessed = clean_text(text)
print(f"Making spacy doc")
date = filename[:len("YYYYMMDD")]
doc = textacy.make_spacy_doc((preprocessed, {"date": date}), "es")
print(filename, doc._.preview)
print(f"Adding to docs!")
print(f"Docs: {len(docs)}")
def get_tokenize_docs(documents):
return [
d._.to_terms_list(ngrams=1, named_entities=True, as_strings=True, filter_stops=False,
for d in documents]
def find(needle, haystack):
if needle == haystack: return []
# Strings are iterable, too
if isinstance(haystack, str) and len(haystack) <= 1:
return None
for i, e in enumerate(haystack):
r = find(needle, e)
if r is not None:
r.insert(0, i)
return r
except TypeError:
return None
searched_word = "paz".lower()
print("Finding needle in the haystack")
googleIndex = find(searched_word, get_tokenize_docs(docs))
print(f"{searched_word} index", googleIndex)
tf_vectorizer = Vectorizer(apply_idf=False, norm=None)
tf_doc_term_matrix = tf_vectorizer.fit_transform(get_tokenize_docs(docs))
print("tf", tf_doc_term_matrix.toarray())
idf_vectorizer = Vectorizer(apply_idf=False, norm=None)
idf_doc_term_matrix = idf_vectorizer.fit_transform(get_tokenize_docs(docs))
print("idf", idf_doc_term_matrix.toarray())
tfidf_vectorizer = Vectorizer(apply_idf=True, norm=None, idf_type='standard')
tfidf_doc_term_matrix = tfidf_vectorizer.fit_transform(get_tokenize_docs(docs))
print("tfidf", tfidf_doc_term_matrix.toarray())
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