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switch to giltab docker registry

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...@@ -103,8 +103,7 @@ docker: ...@@ -103,8 +103,7 @@ docker:
key: default key: default
policy: pull-push policy: pull-push
script: script:
- mkdir -p $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.docker/cache - echo "{\"auths\":{\"$CI_REGISTRY\":{\"username\":\"$CI_REGISTRY_USER\",\"password\":\"$CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD\"}}}" > /kaniko/.docker/config.json
- echo "{\"auths\":{\"\":{\"auth\":\"$DOCKER_HUB_AUTH\"}}}" > /kaniko/.docker/config.json - /kaniko/executor --context $CI_PROJECT_DIR --dockerfile $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Dockerfile --destination $CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE:$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME
- /kaniko/executor --cache=true --cache-dir $CI_PROJECT_DIR/.docker/cache --context $CI_PROJECT_DIR --dockerfile $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Dockerfile --destination autoradio/tank:$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME
only: only:
- master - master
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