Commit cfdd8a58 authored by David Trattnig's avatar David Trattnig
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Use anchor link instead of button for show ref

parent 3bcad816
import Card, { Content, Actions } from '@smui/card'
import Card, { Content } from '@smui/card'
import LayoutGrid, { Cell } from '@smui/layout-grid'
import Button, { Label } from '@smui/button'
import Display from '../common/Display.svelte'
import DateTime from '../common/DateTime.svelte'
import { openLink } from '../common/Common.svelte'
import EpisodeImage from '../elements/EpisodeImage.svelte'
import EpisodePlayMedia from '../elements/EpisodePlayMedia.svelte'
......@@ -15,10 +13,16 @@
export let urlShowDetail = undefined
export let labelPlay = undefined
export let labelLinkArchive = undefined
<style lang="scss">
.show-ref {
width: 100%;
height: 32px;
margin-left: 16px;
font-size: 1.2em;
/* SMUI components need to be selected via global namespace */
* :global(.action-header) {
......@@ -44,21 +48,16 @@
<Card class="aura-card episode">
<Cell span={4}>
<a href="{urlShowDetail + show.slug}">
<EpisodeImage {episode} {show} />
<a href={urlShowDetail + show.slug}>
<EpisodeImage {episode} {show} />
<Cell span={8}>
<div class="card-cell cell-right">
<Actions class="action-header">
on:click={openLink(urlShowDetail + show.slug)}>
<a href={urlShowDetail + show.slug}>
<div class="show-ref">{}</div>
<Content class="mdc-typography--headline6 episode-title">
<h2 style="margin: 0;">
<Display value={episode.note.title} {renderhtml} />
......@@ -78,7 +77,11 @@
<EpisodePlayMedia {episode} {labelPlay} {labelLinkArchive} {embedCbaPlayer} />
{embedCbaPlayer} />
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