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# Development
## Coding Conventions
## Coding Conventions and Guidelines
Here you find an overview of our conventions on coding and version control.
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We utilize an *API-first* approach. APIs are specified using OpenAPI 3. Find the API at [](
All the main aspects are documented within the spec. In some cases you may need some additional documentation in the docs. For example the [API: Schedules and conflict resolution](misc/ document can be found in "*Developer Guide -> Misc*".
```{admonition} API-first
:class: tip
At the moment only [Engine API]( is based on API-first. [Steering API]( and [Tank API]( are momentarely generated out of the code base.
### Documentation
The general documentation is located in `meta/docs` and hosted at []( When working on any component, also check if this documentation has to be updated or extended.
## Developer Installation
For Development the native installation as outlined in the `README` of individual [repositories]( recommended.
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