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......@@ -58,9 +58,6 @@ Some of our core organisational and architectural requirements for _AuRa_ are:
* **Reuse of existing components**: we do not want to reinvent the wheel. Several stations already developed single components as free software and we can adapt and build on those
* **Modern frameworks**: we do not code from scratch but use modern application development frameworks which provide maintainability as well as security
Out of these requirements we came to an architecture which visually represented
in the components diagram.
If you are interested in more technical details, check out the [Developer Guide](docs/development/
## Component spaces
......@@ -87,9 +84,12 @@ So we have two *component spaces* for our architecture. Each space defines the n
## Getting started
* [Administration Guide](docs/administration/
* [Installation Guide](docs/administration/
* [Maintenance Guide](docs/administration/
* [Developer Guide](docs/development/
* [User Guide](docs/user/
* [Installation Guide](docs/administration/ ([Installation Guide](docs/administration/, [Maintenance Guide](docs/administration/
## Contributors
If you want to support the project in some way, check out the [contributors page](development/
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