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Learn about the UI for radio hosts and programme coordinators.
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## Dashboard
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The calendar is able to detect collisions with existing, conflicting timeslots. To learn more about this behaviour, check out the [Timeslot Collision Detection]( page.
## Administration
Programme Coordinators have additional features for radio management at hand.
# Schedule Collision Detection
When using the Dashboard Calendar to create new schedules or timeslots, there is some logic in place to avoid collisions of conflicting timeslots.
When a collision is detected, the user interface offers you options to solve the conflict.
## Single collision, fully overlapping
In this situation an existing and your newly created timeslot are fully overlapping.
<img src="" />
## Single collision, partly overlapping
Here only some duration of the new timeslot is overlapping an existing one.
Here you have the option to truncate your timeslot or the existing one. Additionally, the solutions offered in the previous scenarios are offered here too.
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## Single collision, superset and subset
In that scenario, conflicting timeslots are offered to be split. Again, all possible solutions from the previous scenarios are valid too.
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