Commit 1f8bf739 authored by Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura's avatar Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura
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ShowManager: layout & nice bootstrap show switcher

parent 606b50b8
<h1>Sendereihen &amp; Sendungen</h1>
<div class="row">
<div class="col">
Aktuelle Sendereihe:
<select v-model="currentShow" v-on:change="switchShow">
<option v-for="(show, index) in this.shows" v-bind:value="index">{{ }}</option>
<hr />
<b-row v-if="showsLoaded">
Aktuell ausgewählt: &nbsp;&nbsp;
<b-button disabled variant="outline-secondary"><b>{{ shows[currentShow].name }}</b></b-button>
<b-col align="right">
<b-dropdown id="ddshows" text="Sendereihe auswählen" variant="info">
<b-dropdown-item v-for="(show, index) in this.shows" v-on:click="switchShow(index)">{{ }}</b-dropdown-item>
<div v-else style="text-align: center;"><img src="../assets/radio.gif" alt="loading data" /><br /></div>
<hr />
<p align="left">Die nächsten <select v-model="numUpcoming">
......@@ -142,8 +145,9 @@ export default {
methods: {
switchShow: function () {
switchShow: function (index) {
this.episodesLoaded = false
this.currentShow = index
this.currentShowID = this.shows[this.currentShow].id
// fetch single episodes for a given show from PV backend
this.$, {
......@@ -203,7 +207,7 @@ export default {
this.currentShowID = this.shows[0].id
this.currentShow = 0
this.showsLoaded = true
}, response => {
alert('There was an error fetching the data from the server')
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