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Display show details in clock.

parent 67e24d4b
...@@ -151,14 +151,15 @@ currentlyPlaying = getData("current"); ...@@ -151,14 +151,15 @@ currentlyPlaying = getData("current");
</div> </div>
<div id="right-column" class="column"> <div id="right-column" class="column">
<h2>Playing ></h2> <h2>&#9654; Playing</h2>
{#await currentlyPlaying} {#await currentlyPlaying}
<div class="spinner-border mt-5" role="status"> <div class="spinner-border mt-5" role="status">
<span class="sr-only">Loading...</span> <span class="sr-only">Loading...</span>
</div> </div>
{:then value} {:then value}
<h1>{value}</h1> <h1>{}</h1>
<span>Type: {}, Host: {}</span>
<h3 class="active">{value.track.artist} - {value.track.title}</h3> <h3 class="active">{value.track.artist} - {value.track.title}</h3>
{:catch error} {:catch error}
<p style="color:red">{error.message}</p> <p style="color:red">{error.message}</p>
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