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This is a work in progress repository aimed to create an easy initial setup for the AuRa web components.
When everything is working smooth, it should be integrated into the meta repo.
# Prerequisites
* Install docker and docker-compose
# Setup
Clone aura-web: (TODO: improve description)
After you have cloned the aura-web repository, change into it (`cd aura-web`) and
initialise the sub repositories:
git submodule init
git submodule update
Then create a copy of the _aura-config.sample.yaml_ file to _aura-config.yaml_ and
adapt the values according to your setup. For local dev environments see notes below.
Now before your first start do the setup by calling:
./ init
In the setup process you will be asked to enter you password for the steering component.
This is for your administrator account (with the username that you chose in the _aura-config.yaml_).
After the setup you can start up all components:
./ start
You can now visit the dashboard on the domain you have set in _aura-config.yaml_.
To access the steering backend directly for management purposes add a _/steering/admin_
after the domain.
To stop all components do:
./ stop
This only stops and destroys the containers, but all persistent data (e.g. user data in the
databases), will not be touched. So next time you can just do `./ start` again
to start up fresh containers.
## TODOs:
* create aura-config.sample.yaml and remove aura-config.yaml and put it into .gitignore
* create options for
* create setting to switch between prod and dev setups
* implement cleanup and rebuild commands and add description above
* only build dashboard after init and on rebuild
* implement dev mode
- implment the use of OVERRIDE_HTTP_SCHEMA
* refactor the submodules into the individual scripts of the components
* add note on `docker-compose logs -f` (or create command)
## To discuss:
......@@ -21,3 +75,8 @@ When everything is working smooth, it should be integrated into the meta repo.
* Write permission of the container-data/* directories, if they are not created by the containers themselves
# Notes for devs
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