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## NotFoundOn

### NotFoundOn Custodians



#### Description

Over the past year Not Found On has been co-creating a mediawiki platform to record/connect feminist queer intersectional knowledge. It has done so by responding to tensions for the desire for privacy and the desire to share, as well as the precarious nature of the spaces we occupy. It is the recognition of bars, kitchens, sports teams as sites of knowledge creation and the desire to seek alternatives to corporately owned social media.
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### Program
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**Introduction:** We will begin the session by listening to a recoding from two editing voices from the NotFoundOn platform about the urgency for safe spaces online and tentative use/impact. We will then be making accounts on the platform, becoming familiar with it, learning about Mediawiki markup language and key functionalities.

Following this, we will self-determine & self-organise work in different constellations and intensities (additions, editing, comments, musings, ..., maybe bug reports or feature proposals), that can be continuous or break-infused, based on interests and amount of energy.

**Wrap Up:** A circle for collective reflection with everyone.

**Note:** No pre-existing wiki knowledge is necessary. All bodies welcome.

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### Additional Material:

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<a href="" target="_blank">NotFoundOn - Everything you own you’ve had to build on stolen ground</a>