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## Post-Growth

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### Workshop held by DISNOVATION.ORG and Baruch Gottlieb
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#### Description

The workshop Post-Growth uses the frameworks of grassroots facilitation and gaming to structure a conversation about radical post-growth transformations in our lives. Is based on's toolkit designed to increase awareness of the multiple root causes of these crises — rather than their mere consequences — as a basis to stimulate and provide a foundation for post-growth imaginaries, models and practices.
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#### Post-Growth - focus group
● Prior to the workshop, a series of game and facilitation prototypes as well as brief readings will be shared to participants from which responses, contributions and critics will be developed.
● The workshop itself will involve a beta testing session of serious games in small groups, contributions and debates on the toolkit, to be published through the Post-Growth Toolkit project.

Participants: 10-12
Schedule: Saturday May 23rd 2-5 PM 
Link to Materials: To come

Post Growth Toolkit is a project initiated by DISNOVATION.ORG and developed with Julien Maudet, Clémence Seurat, Pauline Briand, Baruch Gottlieb and Catherine Lenoble.

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![](postgrowth_image.jpg "post growth toolkit")