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## Whole Waste Catalog — After the First Pilot

### Raphael Perret



#### Description

Since 2012 my ongoing research on the topic of informal e-waste recycling has been the starting point for works in various mediums and formats. As i see the urgent necessity of an intervention into reality beyond art, I allow myself the liberty to go even a step further and get engaged with the smartphone app 'Whole Waste Catalog', providing bottom-up education and support for informal e-waste workers.

I am now presenting the current state of the project, its findings and put it up for discussion.
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#### Outline

```/* This is a presentation and discussion over workshop software, because it wants to be private. Thank you for understanding. */```

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There is no software or other preparation required. Have a look at <a href="" target="_blank">Raphael Perret - AMRO.pdf</a> and maybe write down some notes or questions if need be. 
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Thank you, I am looking forward to push the BigBlueButton with you. 

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![](img/RaphaelPerretWorkhsopV1.jpg "Whole Waste Catalog")
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