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## DIY Solutions to Hack Contemporary Technologies

### Dasha Ilina



#### Description

DIY Solutions to Hack Contemporary Technologies is a workshop focused on imagining DIY objects against health problems that arise from technology, using materials you can find in your own home. If you have ever experienced eye dryness from staring at a screen for too long or neck pain from looking down at your phone too much, this workshop is for you!
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#### workshop outline:
20mins: presentation of the project Center for Technological Pain and of the specific workshop
20-30mins: discussion of the tech pain experienced on an individual level
20-30mins: brainstorming + sketching out ideas of possible objects + suggestions on how to realize the objects
total duration: 1-1.5 hours

#### workshop materials: 
pen and paper, computer with webcam

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![](img/IMG_0629.jpg "subverting tech pain")