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## Hacking & Developing Modular Synth Hardware

### Trial#1



#### Description

Noiselab Linz is offering a Workshop on Hacking and Developing simple Modular Synthesizer Hardware.
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#### Outline
The Workshop will consist of two parts, 45min each: 

* **Part 1 (beginners):** first, we are going to explain the process of hacking the commercial hardware of a basic 555 oscillator.
We will explain how to read the circuit scheme from the printed circuit board, check the scheme's functionality on the breadboard and transfer it to a ready-to-solder schematic.
* **Part 2 (advanced):** second, we will demonstrate how a working breadboard prototype of a delay module can be explored in order to build your own noise module by applying circuit bending techniques.

We are offering an informative workshop platform describing the hardware hacking of four modules (555 oscillator, optical theremin, atari punk console & delay module):
and are open for your questions:

If you want to practically implement the workshop instructions, we offer the module kits (all the parts lists can be found on our webpage as well):

#### About us: 
Noiselab Linz is a Workshop platform of the Noisemeetup Linz, where we discuss some technical questions around the noise synthesizers. 

Noisemeetup Linz is a recurring meeting for all interested in noise, diy and experimental sound art. 

If you are interested in getting to know more about our events, write us an email: 

This workshop is offered by trial#1, a female sound art collective from Linz. 
Check our performance at AMRO2020 Nightline!